Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

This Web Site Use Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by you and CashOnMobile. The CashOnMobile Online Web Site http://www.cashonmobile.co.uk is comprised of various web pages, tools, information, software, content, software, and features is operated by CashOnMobile.

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you use the CashOnMobile WebSite and under which CashOnMobile agrees to your use of the CashOnMobile Web Site. By using the CashOnMobile Web Site, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

2. Definitions

"User Account" means a 10 digit ANI, corresponding to either a mobile phone number or a fixed line number provided by the purchaser to which purchaser can transfer funds to use the Product.

"User", "You" and "Your" means the user of the Service or CashOnMobile of the User Account (as defined below).

"CashOnMobile," "We," "Our," and "Us" means 'http://www.cashonmobile.co.uk' and its affiliates authorised to sell and/or distribute the Service.

3. Parties

This Agreement is entered into between any visitor to this website and any party purchasing products listed on this website ("User"), and CashOnMobile Website, owned and operated by Decimal Factor Limited and powered by My Mobile Payments UK Limited. All references to "the company", "this website" or "this site" shall be construed to mean CashOnMobile.

4. Users Account and Registration Obligations

a) To use certain features of the Website, or to obtain access to certain services on our website, you may be asked to create an account with the CashOnMobile Website. When you register with the Website you may be required to provide personal information. You agree that the information you supply will be true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as prompted by any registration form, and you will not use the name of, nor attempt to enter the service under the name of, another person. Cash on mobile reserve the right to reject or terminate any user name that, in its judgment, is offensive, false, untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete.

b) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your User ID, mobile number and the Password you use in association with your account and are responsible for all activities that occur under your User Name and Password. You agree to notify the CashOnMobile immediately of any unauthorised use of your Password or account or any other breach of security, and to ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session. The CashOnMobile will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the CashOnMobile's failure or your failure to protect your Password or account information.

c) By accessing this website User give us permission to verify Users all information User provide, this include credit card or debit card information, along with Users email address and any other pertinent information which We request.

5. Terms of Payments:

a) You must fund Your User Account with sufficient balance. Any prices for the Service may also include additional fees, including, but not restricted to, any applicable taxes. All requests to open a User Account or to fund such User Account are subject to acceptance by Us.

b) We hold the right to change the prices associated with the Service from time to time, and such changes will be effective from the time they are posted on the CashOnMobile Website. The terms and conditions of the Service, including Cost of SIM cards and other COM services and products and the fees associated with the Service, are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

c) It is Users liability to have a sufficient balance on User's Account at the time you wish to use the Service. Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, debit card, bank transfer and any other form of payment We may authorise in the future. We do not waive our right to collect the full amount due if Your form of payment is cancelled, disabled, discontinued or otherwise dishonored after Your use of the Service.

d) A User Account/s can be opened at retail locations such as convenience stores and bodegas and on CashOnMobile Website. You may top-up/refill Your balance with any amount at any time either through any participating reseller with cash or through a credit card web transaction. PIN entry is not required. The phone number you provide upon opening your User Account will be automatically recognized by Our system. You are responsible for preventing the unauthorized use of Your User Account and the Service, and You are responsible for any reduction in value of Your User Account arising out of either authorized or unauthorized use.

e) It is Users liability to pay any applicable taxes in connection with Users purchase and use of the Service. CashOnMobile do not hold any taxable liability to User.

6. Limitations and Returns

CashOnMobile holds right to limit the number of User Accounts open and/or maintain at one time, or over a certain period of time. We reserve the right to reject your attempt to open a User Account and reserve the right to close any User Account (with a corresponding refund) if the number of Your Accounts exceeds any limit which We choose to impose. We will refund your account balance (minus any promotional and/or bonus amounts) at any time for any reason provided that You have a valid credit or debit card on file with Us.

7. Ordering Services

You may order certain CashOnMobile products and services through CashOnMobile website. All orders you make through this website are subject to the availability, terms, and other conditions that apply to the particular products and services at the time you place your order. All products and services, their contents, availability, and pricing are subject to change at any time with or without notice.

8. Conduct and Termination

a) User agrees not to use the Services on this website for illegal purposes. User agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of any applicable governmental entity, as well as the policies and procedures of the underlying telecommunications carriers which provide and service the products on this site. Information related to fraudulent transactions, including but not limited to IP addresses, detailed call records, transaction data and email addresses is collected and will be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials consistent with applicable law when required to assist in the prosecution of any persons attempting to commit fraud on the website.

b) Without prejudice to any remedy that We may have against You, We may terminate and/or suspend with immediate effect and without notice Your access to and use of this Website, and/or Your account if We:
i. reasonably believe that You have breached any of these Terms and Conditions,
ii. suspect fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity by You,
iii. are unable to verify the accuracy or validity of any information provided by You

c) In the event of termination and/or suspension of the Service due to any other aforementioned reasons, User hereby agree to pay any and all outstanding charges for the Service and to reimburse Us for any reasonable cost We incur in securing said payment , including, but not limited to, advocates fees, court fees, and any other collection-related cost. Moreover We may restrict the form of payment You may use, and/or may refuse to provide the Service to You, if any of Your previous payments for the Service has failed to result in CashOnMobile's receipt of the entire amount payable to Us in connection with such payment.

9. Intellectual Property

a) The Content of CashOnMobile Website is protected by copyright law and is owned by the CashOnMobile. Except as granted in the limited licence herein, any use of the Content, including modification, transmission, presentation, distribution, republication, or other exploitation of the Website or of its Content, whether in whole or in part, is prohibited without the express prior written consent of the CashOnMobile.

b) "CashOnMobile" and other associated trademarks are trademarks of the CashOnMobile. Other names, words, titles, phrases, logos, designs, graphics, icons, and trademarks displayed on the Website may constitute registered or unregistered trademarks of the CashOnMobile. Although certain trademarks of third parties may be used by the CashOnMobile under licence, the display of third-party trademark/s on the Website should not be taken to imply any relationship or licence between the CashOnMobile and the CashOnMobile of the trademark/s.

10. Indemnity

User agrees to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless CashOnMobile Website, affiliates, directors, agents and advisors, from and against any and all losses, liabilities, claims (including claims without legal merit or brought in bad faith), demands, damages, costs or expenses, causes of action, suits, proceedings, judgments, awards, executions and liens, including reasonable advocate's fees and costs due to or arising out of User's purchase of Services on this website and/or use of this website. CashOnMobile reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by User hereunder, and in such event, User shall have no further obligation to provide indemnification for such matter.

11. Limitation of liability

In no event shall the CashOnMobile, its directors, employees, authorised distributors, agents, licensors, and their respective successors and assigns be liable for damages for any damages arising out of any use or misuse of this website, including without limitation, liability for consequential, special, incidental, indirect or any other loss incurred in connection with your use, misuse, or reliance upon the Website or the Content, or your inability to use the Website, regardless of the cause and whether arising in contract (including fundamental breach), tort (including negligence), or otherwise. The foregoing limitation shall apply even if the CashOnMobile knew of or ought to have known of the possibility of such damages. The CashOnMobile also expressly disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions, and conduct of any third-party user of the Website, or any advertiser or sponsor of the Website ("third-party"). Under no circumstances shall the CashOnMobile, its directors, authorised distributors, agents. licensors, and their respective successors and assigns, be liable for any injury, loss, damage (including direct, special, indirect, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages), or expense arising in any manner whatsoever from (i) the acts, omissions, or conduct of any third-party; and (ii) any access, use, reliance upon, or inability to use any materials, content, goods, or services located at, or made available at, any Website linked to or from the Website, regardless of the cause and whether arising in contract (including fundamental breach), tort (including negligence), or otherwise.

12. Disclaimer of warranties

User accepts the Website and the Content "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE." While the CashOnMobile endeavors to provide information that is correct, accurate, current, and timely, the CashOnMobile makes no representations, warranties, or covenants, express or implied, regarding the Website and the Content including, without limitation, no representation, warranty, or covenant that;

(i) the Content contained in or made available through the Website or any item(s) made available on or through the Website will be of merchantable quality and/or fit for a particular purpose;

(ii) that defects or errors in the Website or the Content, be it human or computer errors, will be corrected;

(iii) the Website or Content will be accurate, complete, current, reliable, timely, or suitable for any particular purpose;

(iv) that the operation of the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free;

(v) that the Website will be free from viruses or harmful components; and

(vi) that communications to or from the Website will be secure and/or not intercepted.

User acknowledges and agrees that the access and use of the Website and the Content is entirely at Users own risk and liability.

13. Refunds and Exchanges

CashOnMobile guarantee applies only to User's most recent purchase/s. We will not refund for subsequent purchases of the same Service. If User's experience with a particular product has proved unsatisfactory for a particular country, international cell destination, or otherwise, please do not purchase or recharge that product. However In case of interruption and/or failure in service, if an interruption or failure of the Service is caused solely by Us and not by User or by a third party or by other causes beyond Our reasonable control, User may be entitled to a credit allowance at Our discretion.

14. Security

Any information sent or received over the Internet is generally not secure. The CashOnMobile cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of any communication to or from the Website.

15. Modification to Website

The CashOnMobile reserves the right any time, and from time to time, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Website (or any part thereof) with or without notice to you. The CashOnMobile shall have no liability to you or any third party for any modifications, suspension, or is continuance of the Website or any part thereof.

16. Amendment to Terms of Use

We reserve the right to amend and alter these Terms of Use at any time. In the event these Terms of Use are altered We will post the amended Terms of Use on this Website. Changes will apply from the date of posting User may not alter these Terms of Use without Our express written agreement If after the Terms of Use have been amended or altered User do not agree to their terms, User must stop using this Website.

17. Use prohibited where contrary to law

Use of this Website is unauthorised in any jurisdiction where the Website or any of the Content may violate any laws or regulations. You agree not to access or use the Website in such jurisdictions. You agree that you are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws or regulations. Any contravention of this provision (or any provision of this Agreement) is entirely at your own risk.

18. Termination

The CashOnMobile may, in its sole discretion, cancel or terminate your right to use the Website, or any part of the Website, at any time without notice. In the event of termination, you are no longer authorised to access the Website, or the part of the Website affected by such cancellation or termination. The restrictions imposed on you with respect to material downloaded from the Website and the disclaimers and limitations of liabilities set forth in this Agreement, shall survive termination of this Agreement.

19. Governing Law

The User Agreement, terms and conditions setforth herein shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of United Kingdom.

20. Entire Agreement

This is the entire Agreement between you and the CashOnMobile relating to your access and use of the Website.